Classic Superb

Vi Spring, classic superb.

mattress springs

Vanadium wire springs, 62mm in diameter, sewn in individual calico pockets and hand formed into a honeycomb-nested unit. Constructed with two layers of springs.

mattress border

9.1 inch (23cm) deep with three rows of genuine hand side stitching. Eight horizontal handles on Queen size and above. Air vents on all sides. Borders upholstered in protective wool, finished with piped ticking.

mattress upholstery

Upholstered with British fleece wool, and then loose, hand teased, long stranded horsetail. Covered in specially woven hair proof cotton ticking. Hand tufted with felt washers.

Classic Superb spring count
Mattress Springs Sizes cm Sizes in
Cal King 2525 183×214 72×84
King 2436 194×202 76×79.5
Queen 2064 153×202 60×79.5
Double/Full 1728 135×190 54×74.5
Twin XL 1285 97×202 38×79.5
Twin 1210 97×190 38×74.5


The Classic Superb mattress partners with the Prestige Box Spring or Divan.

Prestige base construction

1330* pocketed springs on a screwed and glued solid timber frame. The divan frame is covered with insulating wadding, and the ticking case is calico lined for added protection.

base heights available

12.2 inch (31cm) divan, 9.8 and 6.7 inch (25cm and 17cm) box bases.

divan upholstery

3.9 oz/ft2 (1,200gsm) natural coir pad, overlaid with 3.9 oz/ft2 (1,200gsm) blended British fleece wool and cotton. Covered with your choice of the finest quality ticking or upholstery fabric from our collection.

*based on a King size.
gsm – grams per square meter